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Monday, September 26


September 26, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

When I visited my family this summer I collected wishes for handspun items from them. There is no way I could finish all of them this year, but I'll do my best to make as many as I can. Spinning and knitting take time and I want to make it right. That takes time too.

So, once my spinning mojo returned, I tackled the first wish — a scarf for Dad. I showed him the fibres I had and asked him to pick the one he liked out of the ones suitable for a scarf.


I want the scarf to be cosy, so I spun it thicker than my usual fine yarn. It got done quicker too, but it still took a week of spinning.


The fibre is nunoco Wildwood, and was a pleasure to spin as all nunoco fibres have been. I loved the colours in the fibre and I love them even more in the yarn.


The blues and greens blended together to make a green that has subtle variation and depth. I am very pleased with how this yarn turned out.