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Friday, September 30

Akerworks Bobbins

September 30, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

Why buy more? Were 15 bobbins not enough?

No, actually 15 were not enough because I ran out during Tour de Fleece this summer. Also, there is difference in size and while I had plenty of Standard bobbins empty, I had to ply yarn off some Lace bobbins to keep on spinning. I sat on the thought of buying more for a while because they are not cheap. Did I really, really need more?


The answer was clear when I could not find the right bobbin for the fibre I wanted to spin. Yes, it is completely superficial to want to match or contrast your fibre while you are spinning it. But the whole point of these bobbins for me is the colour. I get joy out of spinning beautiful fibre on beautiful bobbins, so for that, it was worth the money.


This time I went for cool colours for Standard size, since I only had warm colours and black.


And the opposite for Lace, because I was lacking warm colours for those, and sometimes even I want something other than black.

I don't think I'll be adding to my collection unless Akerworks adds a new pattern, or a new blue colour. Oh how I wish I could have one bobbin in their Dark Teal for each size! The colour is unfortunately no longer available because the supplier stopped carrying that filament. But I am very happy with what I have got, and I definitely have enough bobbins now to have several projects in works at the same time.