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Monday, September 5

Avocado Hoodie

September 05, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

The weather is turning and autumn is nigh. It was time to sew up the hoodie pattern I bought last year, but didn't need because the weather stayed so warm for so long.

The pattern is Avocado Hoodie +. Last year I started the pattern prep, but didn't get to the tracing off stage. (I know you don't have to trace PDF patterns, but I do not have a printer and I did not want to impose on a friend every time I needed to make a pattern alteration.)

Avocado Hoodie

I made size 2XL on the top, enlarged to 3XL at the bottom, with more alterations to the pattern. I also used a different fabric than the recommended ones. I chose black cotton interlock knit for the body, and red ribbing for the cuffs and pocket lining.

Avocado Hoodie

I added a front zipper to make it more like a light jacket, and a short liripipe to the hood because I love this little medieval detail on my clothing. I omitted the bottom band because it was long enough on me without it.

It is entirely hand sewn. It is such a pleasure to hand sew knits that I do not mind the time it takes. I am loving the process of hand sewing. Except sewing heavy zippers like this one because the zipper tape is a bit unwieldy, but if I want to wear a jacket, in they go.

Avocado Hoodie

Before starting the construction I read the instructions and watched the videos with detailed instructions, and it went together just fine. I can definitely see myself making another one in all black and trumpet sleeves. And maybe a third one with red trumpet sleeves from the elbows down... Or a black one with red sides and hood... So many possibilities for variation.

I am very impressed with the fit through the bust. It was spot on! The princess seam bust curve was perfect and did not require any alteration to fit perfectly. The pattern maker explained why that is in her post about the plus size hoodie.

I made the sleeves exactly as they are in the pattern, but I am finding them slightly too tight for me and about 5 cm too short. The tightness is the style but the shortness means that I can't actually wear them with my thumbs through the holes for long. I can feel the shoulders being pulled down and it is quite uncomfortable that way.

Avocado Hoodie

I'll set aside a weekend for all the ripping of the seams and redrafting of the pattern. None of this is is a complaint against the pattern, it is just how my arms are built. The pattern has kindly provided a lengthen/shorten line for the sleeve just for this alteration.

Overall I am happy how it turned out. There are details I can do better next time, naturally, but I try to learn from every project i make. When I stop finding things to improve, I stop learning. I don't ever want to stop learning.