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Friday, August 19

Post-TdF Wool

August 19, 2016 Posted by Vaire

Soon after TdF was finished nunoco released their latest smorgasbox. They released the full size versions of the smorgasbox batts at the same time. And I fell in love.


I mean, look! Isn't it gorgeous? I may not like pink, or wear green, but Mum does. These will be a gradient shawl for her. Rhubarb is such a perfect name for these. I really want to jump in and start spinning these right away, but I must finish a couple other projects first.


They also brought back one of their earlier colouways from another smorgasbox – Bakhoor. It is red. With sparkles. I could not resist. This will become something for me. Probably a shawlette of some sort.

Foxfire Fiber

I won a participation prize from one of my TdF teams. (Team Footloose, put together by the Hansencraft miniSpinner group.) The wool is a blend of fine wool and alpaca, both undyed, by Foxfire Fiber. It smells so delightfully like a sheep. This was a complete surprise and an unexpected pleasure. I haven't got any plans for it.

This concludes the account of the fibre acquisitions caused by wool fumes during Tour de Fleece, or related to it. I added total of 1320 grams of wool to my stash. That is more than a kilo! Fortunately most of it I have a plan for, and not all of it is for me. I have plenty of fibre that should last me until next year, and next TdF.

I am not entirely sure if I'll take part next year because I ended up with even more wool after it despite my efforts to reduce the stash during the Tour. I need to spin up what I already have before even thinking about taking a peek at my favourite Etsy stores again.