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Monday, April 25

New Dress

April 25, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

There has been some spinning going on, but things take a long time when the single is so fine. I'm still not done with the first ply for Mum.

However, there was a reason why there wasn't as much spinning over the weekend as usual. I finally got on with making the first of the two planned 1920s house dresses. I used the same pattern as for the costume slip I made for the New Years' party, but I extended the bodice up to the shoulders and added some sleeves.

New Dress

I used the machine on this one, but I didn't much enjoy the process. And I managed to stretch the neckline. I am mightily tempted to sew the next one by hand. The sewing machine was this close to being tossed out the balcony door. It kept breaking the thread, then it broke the needle, and messed up the hem. Ugh! Hand sewing is so much more relaxing than this!

New Dress

Yeah. It looks like a shapeless black blob. It's black and this style is like a T-shirt with a skirt, so not fitted at all. Optimum conditions for looking like a blob. I do have a waist, but this is meant to be worn at home and I love the freedom of movement of this style. It can be as boxy as it is supposed to be.

I did try it on and the fit was absolutely perfect. The neckline is a bit too wide, but that is easily adjusted on the next dress. It is just the right amount of swish combined with the flat front, and it hugs my back in just the right way. I love that the fullness is at the sides, and that it is not binding anywhere.

All that remains is to tie off the threads and give it a good press.

Then to make another.

Sewn by hand.