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Friday, April 15

April Spinning

April 15, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

Two April weekends, three finished skeins of yarn.

Cosmic Panda

Cosmic Panda.






My usual ply angle is much tighter, this was an experiment if I could spin a much looser yarn. I may have under-plied it, but I won't know how badly before I knit a swatch. Love that the colour appears to be brownish grey, but that it has little glints of blue and green if you look closely.


The project for this weekend (and probably for the rest of April) is Multiply set from nunoco for Mum. The colourway combines 50 grams of each Bumbleberry - Bilberry Zest - True Love's Kiss. Mum picked it out and I am spinning it as fine as I can to make laceweight 3-ply.