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Monday, March 16

A Couple of FOs

March 16, 2015 Posted by Vaire ,

Even though I'm not in love with the blue socks any more, I wanted to finish them off.

Mix-it! Socks

They are pretty, but they are not red. I'm trying to shift the colour of my socks, gloves, and hats to red in an effort to redefine my style. Previously it was black for scarves, gloves and hats, and anything goes for socks. I felt that it was time to try out another colour scheme. The scarves shall remain black, with a little colour added in once in a while.

Juvel Mitts

These mitts are for early spring when it's still cold enough to require wool, but too warm for full winter gear. Also, I may have chosen red for all accessories, but I'm choosing brighter colours for spring/autumn and darker, more muted reds for winter. So far, the plan is working very well and I'm happy with the things I've made.