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Wednesday, March 2

Spin Green

March 02, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

I chose both the Kungfiskare and Koi Pond to spin after the red project because they both are blue and orange. Those were the only two that I had in those colours, and I wanted to spin them up and out of my fibre stash before moving on.

Koi Pond

There is quite a bit of variation and texture in Koi Pond. I had to give up on smoothness while spinning, embrace the lumps, snarls, slubs, stray hairs, clumps of glitter and semi-matted locks, and let them into my yarn. I have no idea what to do with it. I love the vibrant colours, but this is in no way a wearable yarn for anything I could think of.

It is a lot more appropriate for weaving a doll rug/blanket thingy, or a pouch, or a tapestry, or a belt, or something. Something to show off the texture and colours which are awesome. I wonder if I could get away with a woven pillow cover? Hmmm... I may have found a use for it after all.


Compared to the vibrant Koi Pond, the Kungfiskare is much more subdued. So smooth, so calm, such delicate colour. I love this one too. If I knit something with it, it will be for someone else because these are not at all colours I want to wear.

I am thinking of a some sort of scarf. Perhaps asymmetric triangle, or a square knit diagonally, or from the centre out, or a semicircle, or a crescent, or a trapezoid? So many shapes to choose from, so difficult to choose one that does justice to the fractal nature of this yarn.

Sunny Spring Forest

New project has been started already. This time I want to spin the finest singles I can manage, from a smooth prep, lush fibres, and a colourway that is not too wild. This is for a present and it has to be the best yarn I have ever spun.

Sunny Spring Forest

I have two of those batts and I am planning to make one single of each, then ply them together. I want smooth even yarn, so I am tearing off strips from the batt lengthways and spinning each one as fine as I can with short forward draw instead of doing more woolen things to the batts.

Sunny Spring Forest

To be smart about it this time and not just eyeball the thickness as usual, I have made a control card with a sample of the singles and the 2-ply. I am checking the thickness against the card every time I move the fibre guide on the flyer. So far so good, there haven't been too many variations.

Sunny Spring Forest

A close-up of the singles on the bobbin with the adora-whale for scale. I am happy with the level of fuzziness of the yarn, some fuzz is good, I want this to be warm as well as fine.