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Monday, February 29

Koi Pond, Finished

February 29, 2016 Posted by Vaire ,

Another week, another finished yarn. I am completely smitten with my miniSpinner. I get so much spun!

Koi Pond

I begun this yarn about the same time as the Kingfisher, but the silky smoothness of the Kingfisher won and was finished first.

Koi Pond

These rolags had lots of texture stuff added to the base of merino. Glitter, silk, sparkle, sari silk, mohair locks, and more.

Koi Pond

The colours are gorgeous, the inclusions were a learning experience. I’ve learned that I like how glitter and sparkle look in a yarn and I want to use both again in other projects (but not too much and maybe not together), and that I love working with silk.

However, I have also learned that I do not enjoy spinning a textured yarn like this at all, and I’m not sold on this type of rolags either. I have more rolags (which are smooth) to spin up before I decide if I should add a blending board to my fibre prep tools to learn to make them myself.