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Friday, July 3

Tour de Fleece 2015

July 03, 2015 Posted by Vaire , ,

Tour de France begins tomorrow and so does Tour de Fleece. This will be the third year I participate in the latter and this year the goals are thus: spin one skein of embroidery yarn per day, aiming for consistency and fineness.

That's it. It may not look like much work, but I want to to spin ultra fine yarn and that takes time. So does achieving consistency, that still takes lots concentration for me. I really want to spin every day and not burn out after a week because I took on too much.

Green Spindle

This is the spindle I intend to use.

Spinning Fibre from Pinki Punki

I want to make one skein with each of these colours, and do some blending experiments.

Merino sampler

Then there is this merino sampler for the days when I want something more colourful to spin. Together these samplers have 34 pure colours, and with blending there will be even more. They will keep me occupied for the whole TdF, and then some.