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Monday, February 23

Small Changes

February 23, 2015 Posted by Vaire , ,

The green throw over the Art Deco chair gets washed often. Especially during the shedding season we are in currently. The black cover on my chair didn't need washing as often but the black is wrong there. I've been looking for a green throw or fabric to make a slip cover for it, but I've been unsuccessful so far.


Exposed chairs. Grey is nice and all, but it doesn't have the oomph needed for these chairs. The green throw I had was too dark and wrong green, so it's covering the back of the chair to prevent Sona scratching it to pieces. He's scratching the vintage chair instead. I know! The horror! Well, it would be if this fabric were original, which it isn't, and I'm planning to have it re-upholstered anyway.

During a recent shopping trip, I did find a green fabric that I thought was a good match to the green I already had.


Well, I was wrong. The new green is too blue and does not fit my vision either. I'm glad I only bought 2 metres instead of 6 as I'd originally planned. It looked right in the store, but the light was different there. Also, I'd like something less soft/wrinkly for the final slip cover. Oh well, back to searching for the perfect fabric