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Friday, February 20

Mindless Knitting Continues

February 20, 2015 Posted by Vaire ,

The cowl from Regia Royal Colour.

Regia Royal Cowl

It's way longer than I wanted it to be, but it is gorgeous.

Mix-It Socks

The socks are not quite finished yet because I got distracted by some new purchases. While I was knitting these, I realised that as lovely as these were turning out to be, what I really wanted were red socks.


So, I bought red yarn for two pairs of red socks. While I was shopping, this grey yarn caught my eye and as it happens, I had to cast on right away. The yarn is lovely, but the pattern didn't really suit it. Instead of mottled stone, I got stripes and ruffles. Off to the frog pond it went.

Firebird Leftie

I really wanted some triangular garter thing to knit, then I remembered that one of my favourite designers has loads of garter scarves. Even further, I had already bought Leftie. Years ago in Ireland, I'd bought some Rowan yarn for a pair of socks that never got knit. This yarn would be perfect for this pattern, I thought. And it is. It is the perfect blend of mindless and having to pay attention occasionally. I am really happy how it is turning out.