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Monday, January 26

Sort of Winter

January 26, 2015 Posted by Vaire , ,

It's been sort of winter so far. Cold without snow, snowing but melting away in days because it's warm again, cold with snow very briefly. It snowed for a couple days straight last week, and it has mostly stayed so far, but right now it's wet and above freezing, so it's been slowly melting away.


Why can't it stay cold enough for long enough any more? Bloody global warming mucking up weather everywhere. At least it has been pretty for a couple of days.

Regia Royal Tube

I caught a cold last week and I'm home from work. This simple cowl is all I've had the energy and brain power to knit on. I am making another effort to knit from the stash and this yarn I've had for years. The cowl is about the 3rd or 4th attempt at getting something wearable in stockinette from this yarn. The previous attempts include several triangular scarves, but they curled as stockinette is wont to do, so they were all ripped. That's why it looks so crinkly, I am using the yarn without washing out the kinks. It'll even out in the wash, so I'm not at all worried.

I love that yarn, I love the texture of stockinette, the striping and that one single of black running through the red. It's just too bad that it's going to be twice as long as I wanted. I misremembered and thought that I had 50g, but I have 100g of yarn. I have two long narrow cowls already I don't need a third.