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Wednesday, October 22

They're here! They're here! They're here!

October 22, 2014 Posted by Vaire

Eeeeeeeeee! *runs around exited*

The new character models for trolls went live on Wednesday last week, when the new expansion pre-patch was applied.


This is the old model from armoury. Kinda cute, compared to the new model. The only thing I miss is the deeper dark magenta of the hair. The new hair is a bit too neon, I liked the darker colour better.


Look at all this detail! Blizzard has done truly superb job on updating these troll models.


My main has never looked better! I love it. She's fierce, expressive, tusked, slender, with eye searingly magenta hair, and I'm in love with my troll girls all over again. Troll is the best looking race in WoW. Has always been, but now more than ever.