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Monday, October 20

Postmodern Jukebox

October 20, 2014 Posted by Vaire ,

There are covers and then there are covers. Usually someone takes an older song and remakes it in a more modern style, or in a different genre. Even more usually the cover isn't quite as good as the original. In a rare instance, the cover improves on the original.

Then there is Postmodern Jukebox that turned the whole concept on it's head. They take modern songs and make vintage covers. Some I like better than others, but these four are my favourites.

Wow! I mean, WOW. Her voice suits that genre perfectly.

I adore how the singers' costumes match the fire extinguisher.

This is brilliant. Absolutely brilliant! They took a silly song and made it fun. I'm in awe of how they kept a straight face while recording this.

I. Love. Her. Voice.