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Friday, October 10

Art Stuff

October 10, 2014 Posted by Vaire , , ,

Ever since I put up both water paintings, I've known that having two of them is one too many — one statement piece per room is enough. Putting up my grandfather's painting made it abundantly clear that having three big paintings on three walls was just too much. It was time to take the extra painting down and put some other stuff up.

Last year I happened to visit Riksarkivet and purchased three reprints of old postcards. I loved them for their palette, the old style of drawing, and for the architecture. I'd planned to frame all three in the same frame, and here is the result.


Sadly the glass is not matte, and I couldn't find a better angle do diminish the reflection. The postcards look lovely in their green mount, but the white frame is blah. I haven't decided yet what to do about that.


This is an image I found online via BibliOdyssey of an illustration from a book Erucarum Ortus by Maria Sibylla Merian, prepared for publication mid-1670s, published 1717. The butterfly is Polygonia c-album, and they are pretty common in Estonia and Sweden.

Art in the Room

Here they are hanging side by side, my embryonic art gallery wall.


This is an ink doodle I found on the floor next to a waste bin in my school's art class one day. I tried to find the author, but no one claimed it. I've held onto it because I had always intended to frame it and display it. It fits perfectly in that narrow wall in my hall and I am happy to have saved it from the bin all those decades ago.

Art in the Hall

I think it is gorgeous, smudges and all.