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Monday, September 15

Red and Black Jailbird

September 15, 2014 Posted by Vaire ,

My favourite jacket is falling apart after many good years of service and finding a replacement is getting urgent. I started the Chesterfield last winter, but for various reasons (I don't like pullovers and it's very scratchy) it has languished. It still languishes, but I have a new project on in progress that may solve my jacket emergency this winter. It's a cardigan in superwash sock yarn. The pattern is called Jailbird and as usual, I'm making mods.

Planned mods:

  • Knit hems in red on body.
  • No striping, body only black, hood only red.
  • Flared sleeves red up to elbows, then black.
  • Sleeve hems in black.
  • Pockets hemmed in red.
  • Zipper cover tape in red too?
Red Jailbird

I started on the body first because I needed a substantial length knit in order to calculate the sleeve decreases. I'm at the stage now where I've finished with the body decreases and begin the simple tube bit. I chose the steeked variant because I'm curious and I like knitting in the round. Right now the whole thing is looking like a black blob with a red stripe, not really exiting to look at. But it's going to be awesome. Who knows? Maybe I'll take the Chesterfield on next and actually finish it. Or maybe I'll knit another cardigan from my queue.