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Wednesday, September 17

Blood Knight Transmog Set

September 17, 2014 Posted by Vaire ,

I wanted my Blood Elf paladin to have an equipment set that matched her Blood Knight Tabard, her black tabby cat, and her gothy looks. Before transmogrification was implemented, I had collected the Warlord set and just wore it in the city.

Sio transmog

When transmogrification was introduced, I was disappointed not to be able to use that set to transmog her gear, and finally used the Wowhead gear finder/transmog set features to find the closest matching black and red set available. It’s not as fierce as the pvp set, but it’s spiffy enough and it matches the tabard and the cat, so it’ll do.

I have chosen not to use the Faceguard of Determination because the cheek guards cut through the hair and that just looks weird. I tried to find a hair style that would work with the faceguard, but all of them cut through it to some extent. I just couldn't suspend enough disbelief to be happy with hair behaving so wrong, I am doing my best ignoring that her ears cut through the hair, and the wrongness of that.

I also have chosen not to display a cloak with this set. Since I'm looking at my characters mostly from behind, I wanted to see the tabard, not cover it up with a cloak.

These are the pieces I used for her Blood Knight set: