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Wednesday, August 27

How to Level a Battle Pet from 1 to 25 in Six Fights, Section IV

August 27, 2014 Posted by Vaire ,

Tamer Battles — Hyuna of the Shrines, Mo'ruk, and Farmer Nishi

The pet abilities for the teams are given in brackets; (1,2,1) means that you choose the first, the second and the first ability of the slot for this fight. If you have pre-made teams, you do not need to switch the abilities around before each fight, they are saved with the team.

Carry pet is any pet that you want to level. These teams win more often than not, but in any battle things can go wrong, RNG may roll against you, or crit too big. Forfeit, heal and start again then.

Do not forget to equip the Safari Hat before each battle!

Hyuna of the Shrines



  1. Emerald Whelpling (2,1,1)
  2. Carry pet
  3. Yellow Moth (1,1,2)


vs Skyshaper
- Moonfire > Tranquility > Emerald Bite > Emerald Bite.

vs Fangor
- Moonfire > Tranquility > Emerald Bite > Emerald Bite > Emerald Bite.

vs Dor the Wall
- Tranquility (unless Dor misses, whelpling dies on this round).
- Switch to carry pet > Ability #1.
- Switch to Yellow Moth > Moth Dust (use on cooldown), block Headbutt with Cocoon Strike, and use Slicing Wind as a filler until Dor dies.




  1. Darkmoon Zeppelin (1,2,2)
  2. Chrominius (1,1,2)
  3. Carry pet


vs Woodcarver
- Missile > Decoy > Missile until Woodcarver dies.

vs Lightstalker
- Switch to Chrominius > pass if it gets stunned > Howl > Surge of Power.

vs Needleback
- Chrominius dies usually during the recovery phase, but if not, Bite.
- Switch to Zeppelin > Decoy > Missile until Needleback has less than 613 health > Explode.

Farmer Nishi



  1. Carry pet
  2. Eternal Strider (1,2,2)
  3. Darkmoon Tonk (1,1,1)


vs Siren
- Ability #1 > Switch to Eternal Strider.
- Cleansing Rain > Water Jet > Pump > Pump (if this does not kill Siren, forfeit, heal and begin again).

vs Toothbreaker
- Water Jet > Pump > Cleansing Rain > Pump (if this does not kill Toothbreaker, finish it off with Water Jet).

vs Brood of Mothallus
- Switch to Darkmoon Tonk > Lock-On > Shock and Awe > Lock-On > Missile.

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