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Friday, August 1

How to Level a Battle Pet from 1 to 25 in Six Fights, Intro

August 01, 2014 Posted by Vaire ,


My guild showed interest in how do I level battle pets using the Pandaria pet tamers, so I made it into a guide on our forums. Then other people wanted to see it too, and I thought that I should publish it here. It is not going to be as comprehensive as the 5.4 guide on Warcraftpets, but I have used its format as inspiration.

Since the tamers give sweet XP to your character as well as your pets, I wanted to have the most efficient way to level both, hence no spirit tamers, or legendary beasts in this guide. These are the XP gains for your character per tamer (battle + quest):

167 640 XP at lvl 85
228 800 XP at lvl 86
276 100 XP at lvl 87
339 900 XP at lvl 88
410 300 XP at lvl 89

I've divided the guide up to sections for easier readability and it assumes that you know how pet battles work.

Section I: Set Up
Section II: Master Pet List
Section III: Travel Route
Section IV: Tamer Battles — Hyuna of the Shrines, Mo'ruk, and Farmer Nishi
Section IV: Tamer Battles continued — Wastewalker Shu, Seeker Zusshi, and Aki the Chosen
Section V: Further Reading