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Wednesday, February 12

A Couple of Finished Objects

February 12, 2014 Posted by Vaire , ,

Things are afoot at work so there is a lot I have to deal with there, hence the lack of posts. And there is no light to take photos of projects, unless I wait until the weekend and by then I've either finished them or forgotten that I was supposed to take photos...

After many years of procrastination, I've finally given myself the very needed kick in the ass and finished the bathroom rug.

Round Grey Rug

The first version was smaller and had three colours, one of which it was never supposed to have. I had bought 8 skeins of yarn in Tallinn to make two rugs for my previous bathroom, but 4 skeins was not enough for the size I wanted. I was back in Stockholm and I could not buy more of the same yarn, so I bought 4 more skeins of grey, but the extra stripe kept bothering me.

After the move I did not need a second rug, but still this project was languishing until now. This year I am trying to either finish off, or rip out all my hibernating projects, so it was time to deal with this. The first incarnation was just slightly too small for the new bathroom and I had to keep sliding it around as I moved. Not optimal.

Round Grey Rug

I ripped out the extra colour and used the 4 skeins of light grey meant for the second rug to finish off this one. I only got 7 rounds out of them, but they were enough to make it slightly larger and a better fit for my current bathroom. That bathroom has no natural light, so I took this photo in the room. No more cold toes in the mornings or right before the bed.

However, my toes were still cold at home because one pair of socks made from fingering weight yarn wasn't cutting it. The slippers I'd knit a couple winters ago were five sizes too big and the pieces of felt I'd bought to make slippers were uncooperative and not sewing themselves up by themselves.

Slipper socks

So, I whipped up a pair of slipper socks out of yarn salvaged from a failed pair of socks. No more cold toes at home! I started and ripped them out four times before I found a toe that I liked. This one is an experiment with a small square and picking up stitches, combined with increases. It needs a little more fiddling, but I'm pretty happy with how it looks and feels on these slippers.

I have started to take photos with a white piece of paper, because otherwise the colour balance is completely off. It's still a little off, but at least my green rug doesn't turn into a blue one any more.