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Friday, February 14

Of Chairs And The Happiness That They Bring

February 14, 2014 Posted by Vaire , , ,

For a while now I've been looking for a chair to put under the window. The first one didn't work out and my guests had to sit on wooden dining chairs. Not nice at all, or comfortable for a longer visit. I've been looking at Blocket and auction houses, but all chairs I liked were either too expensive or in pairs.

Here are some before and in progress pictures.


This is the chair that didn't work out. When I bought it I thought that I could use it on the balcony, but put it in the room first because it was too cold outside for rattan. Having that chair in that corner showed me two things. One, it was too tall. Two, it was too spindly. So the chair that I should be looking for should have a solid base and be lower.


And I found it! But wait, you say. This chair is even taller that the previous one. What gives? The answer is that someone had it altered. The structure of this chair with the curved arm rests and low square back is original Art Deco. The added head rest cushion is not. The change was made when the chair was reupholstered. The fabric is lovely grey wool or wool blend, but it's incredibly filthy. I am going to remove the extension by sawing it off (I'm not removing anything original, the whole plywood board that makes up the height is new) and stitching the fabric closed as invisibly as I can. I'm also going to see if I can clean it somehow or if I should involve professionals.


For now, I draped a throw over it, added a sheepskin to cover what the throw didn't reach, and put a pillow in there. Sona has already approved it as his new scratching thing, which I try to discourage. Unsuccessfully so far, though. He's taken a nap in there too.


I relocated the dining chair to the other side of the coffee table and the whole picture makes me happy. I found a chair that I could afford, my guests will be comfortable, it fits where I wanted it to fit, and it's in the style I love. Awesome!