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Wednesday, February 20

Colour Scheming, Bathroom

February 20, 2013 Posted by Vaire , , ,

Bathroom is going to be simple: white, and grey with black accents, chrome as the metal. It is even smaller than the hall, thus even more white. There will be plenty of colour in the bath products, shower curtain, and towels, I want the unmoveable elements to be the background.

I like the Swedish white tiled bathroom walls, they are so simple, clean and classic. The ceiling, lamp, cabinet, sink, bathtub, and toilet are also meant to be white. I liked the colour of the marble floor in the previous flat, but marble is such a horrible floor material, every stain is permanent. I'll go with the colour, in another material.

Bathroom mood board

Until I get to the total rebuild, I'll just replace the elements as I can. I've got a new cat box (it's awesome, it reduced the cat sand tracked out a lot), the cabinet and the lamp are next. I've already bought the cabinet, but it needs a coat of white paint, and I can't replace the cabinet before I've replaced the lamp that sits on it. Loosely. With exposed wires... WTF were they thinking?!

I had planned to put the cat box into the hall, but the walls are not straight and it was a very tight fit. Plus, the ventilation system we have in the house is the type that pulls air, and there is no vent in the hall. The cat box odour lingered, and I put the box back into the bathroom. It is a bit too wide to fit under the sink perfectly, but I'll take the reduced smells over a perfect fit any day.

Right now the towels are purple, and I've been considering other colours, but as long as they work and are not horrible, they stay. I may replace them with some other colour towels once they become too ratty to use. I also am not in a hurry to find a shower curtain. I refuse to shower while the lamp wires are still exposed and taking baths doesn't create a mist that could cause a problem.

The next step is to get hold of an electrician (or several) and see how much it'll cost to rewire this whole place. Then, they can also put up a new lamp in the bathroom, and then I can finally get rid of that horrible blue cabinet.