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Wednesday, February 13

Cloth or Art, Dilemma No More

February 13, 2013 Posted by Vaire , ,

I was going through my art folders to hopefully find something to hang on my walls. Besides a few drawings, I found a stole I'd bought from Indiska last Summer. The Summer was over before I had a chance to wear it and somehow it ended up with throws and art. Don't ask me why.

Anyway. When I came across this stole it hit me as the very perfect piece of fabric to hang behind the bed. It's both graphical and feminine at the same time which is exactly what was needed to soften the very masculine black Bauhaus bed.

As I was wondering how to attach it to the wall without nails and without doing any damage to the fabric, I remembered I had a piece of velcro with adhesive. A piece which was precisely as long as the stole, or so I thought.


Turns out it was ever so slightly longer, and the knit fabric was so stretchy that I didn't notice it until I'd already attached the velcro to the wall. When I tried to remove it from the wall, it took paint with it, so I decided to leave it be.


Instead, I bought another strip of adhesive velcro, cut two pieces off and attached those to the short sides. Instant straight(ish) sides.

The beauty of this solution is that when the time comes to paint, I can just rip everything off and there will be no nail holes to patch. The whole wall needs spackling anyway, so damaging the already peeling paint is not going to be a problem.

I had had grandiose plans to either embroider an Art Deco pattern on some black fabric, or have a black and white photo gallery wall behind the bed. I'll probably hang some art above it, but nothing prominent. A cluster of small things, perhaps, but nothing that shall compete with the stole.

I really like how it came out, and that if I grow tired of this particular piece of fabric, I can easily hang another, and not a single drill shall be involved in the process.