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Friday, January 25

More Hall Progress

January 25, 2013 Posted by Vaire , ,

The previous photos of the hall didn't really show the awesomeness that is my hat rack. It is special because the cast aluminium consoles have Art Deco wing shapes, the pure functionalist kind only have a bar. I was looking for a funkis one when I came across this on Blocket, and jumped on the opportunity.

Art Deco hat rack

I would have been perfectly happy with a funkis style hat rack. They are still manufactured, in fact, but this one stole my heart. If I wanted to, I could replace the broken hanger with only one hook, but there's plenty of hooks left for my needs. It's got character, it's got history, and it also is just the right size.

Let's review the progress on hall goals:

  1. Get a console table and mirror set.
  2. Hang the mirror.
  3. Paint both the mirror and the table in black and red.
  4. Have the drawer in the table fixed by a professional.
  5. Get a 1930s hat rack.
  6. Remove the pitiful excuses for hooks.
  7. Hang the hat rack.
  8. Remake a bookshelf into a wardrobe by:
    1. Get a hanging rod for the bookshelf.
    2. Get doors for the bookshelf.
    3. Get new doors for the credenza.
    4. Attach all new doors.
    5. Get rid of old too small doors and drawers.
    6. Lift the credenza on top of the bookshelf.
    7. Get knobs for the wardrobe.
    8. Rearrange the shelves .
    9. Get some baskets to hold stuff.
  9. Get a new rug to cover the cold tile.
  10. Get a new door mat for the inside. (This is the second one I bought for the outside.)
  11. Get a new door mat for the outside. (The third one fit. Yay!)
  12. Hang a watercolour my grandfather painted.
  13. Decorate with candles and possibly a plant. (It's too dark for a plant, it lives in the bookshelf now.)
  14. Get a bench to go under the hat rack.
  15. Reupholster the bench with red-black fabric.
  16. Get a small rug to go in front of the closet.

As you can see, I've completed a few more, and added some new ones.

Today I fetched a lamp foot that I won at another auction, and as I was going to a lamp shade store, I walked past a rug store. After I'd got a shade frame for the lamp I thought: "I'll just go take a peek to see what's available". Haha! Yeah, right.

Hall rug

Turns out, that the size I was after is not commonly made. The normal sizes are either too long or too narrow, or both. I was starting to think that I'll have to make the rug myself, but then the salesman took me to another stack and there my rug was. It's a couple centimetres too long, but just the right width, and exactly the colour I'd imagined.

Apparently they had a sale going on, so I got a reduced price too. To be honest, I didn't plan to lay out so much on the hall rug, but it's hand knotted and the price I paid was way below what the value of the hand work is to me. Plus, it should last me a lifetime.

I'm using the first inside door mat (black-grey-white rag rug) in front of the closet for now. In the future I want another rug in this style, but with other colours in addition to the red and black, for that floor too. It can wait. My wallet needs to recover first.

This flat is looking more and more cozy, and million times more like a home, than the old flat ever did. There is still lots to do and fix, but I love it so much already.