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Monday, January 28

Internet Is a Dangerous Place

January 28, 2013 Posted by Vaire , , ,

...but you already knew that. I had been looking for lighting, and my finger slipped on a button named "Bid". Twice. Kinda.

You see, I do love the ceiling lamp I have in the room right now, but it's not quite right. The ceiling is so high that the room needs something that is hanging to give it depth. So I've been looking, and seeing all those gorgeous Art Deco lamps go for way more than I can afford.

Ceiling lamp

Until I saw this one. The listing said 1950s, but to me, it evokes Art Deco aesthetic. I was looking for a lamp with spherical shades and chromed metal, so this is not exactly what I wanted. Why did I buy it then? I like it, and no one overbid me on the first (and lowest possible bid). Besides, it is going to fit in with the furniture in the room perfectly.

Currently it is hanging in the kitchen because I am too short to take down the lamp in the room. I either need to enlist a tall friend or get some steps. Kitchen ceiling was the only place I could store a fragile item this size safely. That metal ugliness in the background is what the current room ceiling lamp is going to replace.

Lamp foot

I had also been looking for a table lamp to set on the square table. And again, all Art Deco lamps are so desirable that I can't afford any. Also, I want to create a feeling that the pieces I have are collected over several lifetimes, not just Art Deco style. Something from every decade since late 19th Century, and every country I've lived in or visited.

According to the listing it is from 1920s. Again, I bid the lowest bid (however, this time I was certain I wanted it) and no one else was interested. Probably because it has a harp, and no shade. To me that is no problem because I know where in Stockholm is a little store that sells shade making materials and shade frames.

Lamp shade frame

It was that store I visited on Friday and bought a shade frame that fits and is the right size. It was a simple matter of snipping off the clip wires...

Naked lamp

and voilĂ ! One naked lamp waiting to be covered in pretty fabrics. The only thing that remains now is to decide which fabrics and what kind of fringe. Right now I'm leaning towards a beaded fringe vs manufactured twisted fringe.

And now I can stop looking for lamps, I have all that I need. I'll try to keep my fingers in check and not slip on any more bid buttons.