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Wednesday, June 6

T minus 33 days

June 06, 2012 Posted by Vaire ,

Things to do before the moving date:

  1. Pause the cleaning subscription until further notice.
  2. Order moving cleaning of the old flat.
  3. Buy a foldable trolley.
  4. Talk to the current house's association about the house keys.
  5. Investigate relocating Sona for the duration of the move.
  6. Sort through my stuff and decide what to keep. (Have started on that.)
  7. Get some moving boxes from IKEA.
  8. Pack everything I want to keep.
  9. Make a pile of things to throw away.
  10. Make a pile of things to give away.
  11. Go to the bank to finalise the loan papers.
  12. Coordinate the wall repair in the old flat.
  13. Start throwing/giving away things I don't want to keep.
  14. Get a temporary post redirect from the moving day on.
  15. Disassemble the bookshelves and the sofa.
  16. Maybe relocate Sona. Not happening.
  17. Go to my nephew's christening.

Now for something completely different.

This video makes me want to be able to sing! No instruments involved, just voice. Awesome, isn't it?