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Monday, June 4


June 04, 2012 Posted by Vaire

The association at the new house has approved my membership. Sweet! Now I am waiting for the current association to make their decision, and start packing.

Things to do before the moving date:

  1. Pause the cleaning subscription until further notice.
  2. Order moving cleaning of the old flat.
  3. Buy a foldable trolley.
  4. Investigate relocating Sona for the duration of the move.
  5. Get some moving boxes from IKEA.
  6. Sort through my stuff and decide what to keep.
  7. Pack everything I want to keep.
  8. Make a pile of things to throw away.
  9. Make a pile of things to give away.
  10. Go to the bank to finalise the loan papers.
  11. Coordinate the wall repair in the old flat.
  12. Start throwing/giving away things I don't want to keep.
  13. Get a temporary post redirect from the moving day on.
  14. Disassemble the bookshelves and the sofa.
  15. Maybe relocate Sona.
  16. Go to my nephew's christening.

Things to do on the moving day:

  1. Get the keys for the new flat.
  2. Sign the new loan papers.
  3. Rent a lorry.
  4. Disassemble the bed.
  5. Move all I want to keep.
  6. Make a trip to the recycling centre and/or tip and get rid of the big rubbish.
  7. Feed the friends some pizza and beer for helping me move.
  8. Take a bath and try to relax.
  9. Crash on a mattress.

Things to do after the moving date:

  1. Fetch Sona, if he was temporarily relocated.
  2. Pay a fee to the house association.
  3. Set up an internet connection in the new flat.
  4. Transfer the electricity contract to the new address.
  5. Get an insurance for the new address.
  6. Inspect the wall repair.
  7. Clean up the construction debris.
  8. Inspect the moving cleaning in the old flat.
  9. Give away the keys of the old flat.
  10. Notify the vet of the address change.
  11. Notify other places of the address change.
  12. Pay the moving cleaning bill.
  13. Make a wardrobe out of one of my Bestå bookshelves.
  14. Assemble, unpack, and organise.
  15. Reopen the cleaning subscription and transfer it to the new flat.

It's probably not going to be as straightforward, and I must have forgotten a few things, but it's a start. I can always add to the list later.