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Wednesday, June 20

T minus 19 days

June 20, 2012 Posted by Vaire

The sorting and packing progresses nicely. This weekend I expect to be done with the attic. I cleared up half of it last weekend and tossed four bin bags worth of old rubbish; what's left is mostly SCA clothes and fabrics up there.

Those will be easy – I am going to pack them into suitcases according to the time period. The fabric stash is going to be more tricky to sort and pack. I used yarn and spinning fibre as padding in book boxes, but I've barely made a dent in that stash.

What is worrying me is that I only have nine boxes left after using 31 of them for books. Another trip to IKEA seems more and more likely. I have way too many books! I have been reducing the collection by getting audio versions of fiction, but the heavy books are the research books, and those can not be replaced. Oh how I dream of the day when research books will be available on a tablet...

In preparation to the move, I have splurged a bit on nice things for bathing. Lavender bath salt from L:A Bruket, two kinds of body scrub from Body Shop, and a bubble bath from Body Shop. I am so going to take many smelly (pleasantly smelly) baths once I've moved! Anyone know a good place to get bath bombs and/or bath oil? Not Lush, though, their bath stuff stinks and gives me head aches.

Things to do before the moving date:

  1. Pause the cleaning subscription until further notice.
  2. Order moving cleaning of the old flat.
  3. Buy a foldable trolley.
  4. Talk to the current house's association about the house keys.
  5. Investigate relocating Sona for the duration of the move.
  6. Get some moving boxes from IKEA.
  7. Buy the bar to make the bookshelf into a wardrobe.
  8. Get a temporary post redirect from the moving day on.
  9. Transfer the electricity contract to the new address.
  10. Notify the vet of the address change.
  11. Sort through my stuff and decide what to keep.
  12. Start throwing/giving away things I don't want to keep.
  13. Pack everything I want to keep.
  14. Make a pile of things to throw away.
  15. Make a pile of things to give away.
  16. Go to the bank to finalise the loan papers.
  17. Coordinate the wall repair in the old flat.
  18. Disassemble the bookshelves and the sofa.
  19. Maybe relocate Sona. Not happening.
  20. Go to my nephew's christening.