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Wednesday, June 27

T minus 12 days

June 27, 2012 Posted by Vaire

The packing, sorting, and throwing/giving away continues. I'm starting to be really stressed out about it because there is so much to pack still, and I'm running out of both time and boxes to pack things in.

Yesterday I went to the bank to sign loads of papers for the many loans that I need. There are rules of how much and up to what percentage I can loan per a loan type, so that's why I'm going to end up with four loans once the whole buying and selling process is done.

I also needed to have two extra loans. The first one to cover the 10% deposit I paid because although I sold first, the deposit to me was held up by the acceptance process by the house association. Which meant that I'd get the deposit after I had to pay mine.

The second extra loan would be to cover an existent loan I'm going to transfer to the new flat. Since I need to, again, pay before I get the final sum, I need another loan to cover it. Lots of loans, lots of paperwork... I got the deposit from my buyers today, so I could pay off the first extra loan.

Only a few more weeks until all this is sorted... Few more weeks I need to survive, one day at a time, one box at a time, one signature at a time. It'll be fine in the end, even though right now it feels like I'd just like to shove everything I own down the trash chute a run away with Sona.

Things to do before the moving date:

  1. Pause the cleaning subscription until further notice.
  2. Order moving cleaning of the old flat.
  3. Buy a foldable trolley.
  4. Talk to the current house's association about the house keys.
  5. Investigate relocating Sona for the duration of the move.
  6. Get some moving boxes from IKEA.
  7. Buy the bar to make the bookshelf into a wardrobe.
  8. Get a temporary post redirect from the moving day on.
  9. Transfer the electricity contract to the new address.
  10. Notify the vet of the address change.
  11. Start throwing/giving away things I don't want to keep.
  12. Sort through my stuff and decide what to keep.
  13. Pack everything I want to keep.
  14. Make a pile of things to throw away.
  15. Make a pile of things to give away.
  16. Go to the bank to finalise the loan papers.
  17. Coordinate the wall repair in the old flat.
  18. Disassemble the bookshelves and the sofa.
  19. Maybe relocate Sona. Not happening.
  20. Go to my nephew's christening.