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Monday, December 5

I Rearranged the Room Again

December 05, 2011 Posted by Vaire

The iMac started overheating in that corner, so I moved it temporarily back to the window. I'd been playing with the idea of moving the bed, because I didn't like looking at the back of the bookshelves every time I'd come home. So, I rearranged the room again.

View from the hall

View from the hall. I moved the bed into the far corner and bookshelves in front of it to make an alcove.

The sofa.

The sofa fit perfectly between the windows, as if it had been custom made for this place.

Chair corner.

The chair fit nicely into the space between the bed and the window, making it into a very cosy corner.

Computer corner.

The iMac still gets too hot to my liking, but at least it's not freezing constantly now. While there is still some air movement from this window, it's not the strong draft like from the other one.

Wall opposite the sofa.

I left the credenza in it's alcove, but styled it with the "living room" colours and shifted it to make space for the lamp. I'm really happy how it turned out. The walls still need some art, but it's not as desperately bare as it was before.

Side table.

This side table is a bit too short for the sofa, but it looks very cute from the bed/chair side of the room.

I'm much happier with this layout than with the previous one. It feels cosy, and harmonious. It does need some art on the walls, but that's not new. As strange it is, it feels lighter than before, even with the meagre winter sun.

I also need some blinds for the two windows on the bed side, the street lights are quite bright at night. Blinds, or thick curtains that I can draw closed for the night. All this is very easy to fix, now that I've found a layout I want to keep for a while.