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Monday, November 21

I Rearranged the Room

November 21, 2011 Posted by Vaire

I had to move the computer away from the window because the draft had already contributed to one cold and I'd rather not have any. I didn't want to go back the old layout either, so I changed things around a bit.

Computer corner

View from the door. I don't really like having the computer there, but I like having colds even less. Note to self: put some posters up or something! The walls are so bare...

The cat chair

Sona has begun to sleep in the chair again. After Juku went to a new home, he completely ignored the chair. Now he's happily dozing there again. It's probably the heat from the radiators...

The sofa corner

This wall desperately needs some art and so does the end wall. I am hesitant to start banging holes in the walls because I know I'll change things around again and then the holes will be in a wrong places. What I want is a museum rail system, but they are hideously expensive.

The bookshelves

I love this arrangement. The bookshelves give an illusion of a wall and the little side table is perfect. Overall, the room feels better proportioned and cosy. I like the whole, even though I may not be 100% happy with the individual elements.