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Wednesday, November 17

Home Improvement

November 17, 2010 Posted by Vaire

I still haven't invited my friends with a drill over to help me put up the curtain rod properly. The bare windows with mismatched blinds were bugging me, so I did something about them. I wanted tension fitted rods that the cats can pull down without making any more holes in the walls. IKEA delivered, as usual.

Living room corner curtain-less

The before picture.

I got three Trolig tension fitted rods and two sets of Matilda curtains. Then I sewed the tabs down to make pockets for the rods and hung them up. Now I'm waiting to see if I like them long, or if I'll cut them so that they hang just right above the radiators.

Morning light

The after picture in the morning.

Evening light

The after picture in the evening.

The third rod I put up in the third window next to the bed and hung the blue blind back there. I'm not entirely happy with the colour nor the fabric, but until I decide what to do, it will suffice.