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Wednesday, October 27

A Lot of Clothing and a Little of Weight

October 27, 2010 Posted by Vaire

I haven't posted about weight loss or food or clothes for a while. Partly because I've achieved some kind of equilibrium around 69 kilos (yea, it's not my goal weight, but it's stable), and partly because I've found a style that I like.


I've found a store here in Stockholm that sells these awesome clothes with straps, eyelets, buckles and chains. Add simple tees, studded chokers, arm-warmers, and that's it. I took this photo at work, so my employer is perfectly fine with me looking like that. I also have a couple of hooded fleece jackets that I use as jackets in Summer and Spring, or layer under coats or warm jackets in colder weather.

I'd like to add some skirts to my wardrobe, but the one I bought from a web store was such poor quality that one of the snaps broke after I wore it once, and Blue Fox (my fav store) was out of my size in skirts the last time I went there. I should have checked them more often, but since the office moved to the suburbs, I don't get there as often as I used to.

It may be possible to repair the snap (it just separated) by hot glueing it together again, or I'll just have to put a new one in it's place. In any case I won't be ordering from that place again and shall up the frequency of visits to Blue Fox. They had some light coats there the last time and I was in need of one, so I bought one. I love it, it can be turned into a jacket by unzipping the skirt from the bodice, has more zips as details and some lacing at the back. Unfortunately the weather has turned from Autumn to Winter already, so I've switched to my warm jacket.

One of my favourite chains here is called Indiska. They have some clothes, but my main interest is their household items and I usually take a look at their selection about 1-2 times a month. They have lots of fully hand made stuff or partly hand made things, but the clothing material tends to be mostly synthetic. They had these awesome cowls in brioche stitch in their Autumn line, but in 100% acrylic, so I knit one for myself out off 100% merino wool. It is perfect for the current weather and I've fallen in love with big cowls that you can wrap around the neck twice.

I am planning to knit some more warm accessories that fit my style, but I haven't exactly decided what yet. Otherwise I'm keeping busy being an officer in my guild, getting my life in order, organising my flat, and the situation at work has calmed down a lot. I'm doing much better now than I did for the past year and things are looking up for a change.