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Wednesday, August 4

Glory of the Hero

August 04, 2010 Posted by Vaire

Glory of the Hero is another meta-achievement in World of Warcraft. Some of the achievements need luck, some need patience and some need hard work and tactics.

Less-Rabi is one of the hard ones that require all of them — luck, patience, hard work and tactics. Moorabi is a boss in Gundrak and during the fight he tries to turn into a mammoth. The longer the fight, the quicker he turns.

Interrupting the first and the second turns are not too tricky, but the third one has been a problem for us. We have been either unlucky or not killed him fast enough not to let him turn three times.

After some attempts at Less-Rabi, my guildies and I got it yesterday! I'd been trying to get this one for months without success. It was the last achievement to complete for the Glory of the Hero and I got it! Finally! I'm so over the moon and so happy to have found a guild that helps each other.

Red Proto-Drake

Besides getting the meta-achievement, I also got a new mount — a red proto-drake. Isn't he fierce?