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Friday, July 16


July 16, 2010 Posted by Vaire

Sona and Juku have managed to destroy so far:

  • A feather duvet.
  • A floor pillow.
  • Walls in every room except bathroom.
  • A table lamp.
  • Two candle holders.
  • Pulled the curtain rods out the wall. TWICE
  • One corner of the big green rug.
  • A shawl I had knit for a friend.
  • A pair of porcelain chopsticks.
  • Numerous cat toys.
  • Nearly shredding a few cardboard storage boxes.
  • Clawing and pushing books out of the bookshelf.

Nearly all of the above I've had to replace/do without/repair. I haven't figured out what to do with the walls yet, and I'm keeping the rug until Juku has completely shredded it or stopped trying to shred it. I need to ask a friend to help me with the curtain rod, because I don't have a drill and the holes I've made into the wall are obviously not working.

I'll have to change the sofa cover soon too. I may have managed to stop them using the living room sofa as a scratching post, but the damage is already done. Juku also has used the metal (!) shower hose as a chewing toy. This is taking destructive tendencies to new heights, Mao only chewed on the plastic shower hose, Juku and Sona take on metal just as easily.

I've had to move my leather covered box from it's perfect spot to somewhere else because they were using it as a stepping stone and thus scratched it. Simply by balancing on the box, they left claw marks in the leather, so I decided to move it before the damage became too obvious.


It's good that they are so adorable and funny, otherwise putting up with all this destruction would have been overwhelming.