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Wednesday, February 11

I <3 Ikea: The Sofa Dilemma

February 11, 2009 Posted by Vaire

When I did the original shopping for moving in I had to buy lots of things because I had nothing to begin with. Some of these I bought knowing full well that I'll replace them soon, or as soon as I could. The sofa was a kind gift from a friend, but only a place holder for the One Sofa.

The Sofa Dilemma

The One Sofa was supposed to be big enough to sleep on and also have an accompanying chair. I shifted the current one around until I found the best layout and went looking for the One Sofa and Comfy Chair that Fit Together. And looked ... and looked, and looked.

I looked at Ikea, Mio, BQ Sweden, Swedese, Italian, French, British, Estonian and other Swedish places, even American. Nothing. No thing. Not a single one. How hard is it to make a sofa and a chair set that have clean lines, are chunky and come in chocolate or white? Impossible, apparently.

So I gave up, decided to toss the current one, and build a sort of sofa out of the two mattresses that are taking up space in the attic. It would have problems (low, no armrests), but at least it would match my style. Then I gave up on that idea too because I want things that I buy/make now to be things that I really really like.

The dilemma was: should I buy/make a non-matching sofa and chair or hold out until I find what I like? And the answer is: neither.

I've completely scrapped the sofa + chair idea and will get two chairs instead. Which, incidentally, Ikea has in the exact style I want.