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Friday, February 13

I <3 Ikea: The "Bedroom" Colour Conundrum

February 13, 2009 Posted by Vaire

I promise this is the last post on Ikea greatness. For a while, at least.

The "Bedroom" Colour Conundrum

I had become increasingly tired with the navy blue bedspread that also didn't fit the bed right, but I couldn't pick a new colour scheme either. Green? Blue? White? Brown? Purple? I even considered lilac in desperation, but vetoed that instantly. Until it hit me that I can go grey-scale and choose any shade between white and black. Bingo!

So now I have black curtains tied into a knot over a white one, a black bedspread with white lines embroidered on it and bedding in black print over white base. All from Ikea. What I actually had had in mind were steel grey curtains and bedspread, but there were no grey ones to be had and black actually worked out better with what I already had.

I'd brought back one black crocheted doily from my collection in Tallinn and had it under the lamp even before I decided on the shades of grey scheme. (Should have taken a clue ages ago!) I also had been at a loss with how to store my dark grey sheepskin I bought for SCA purposes. It became the rug in front of the bed.

This time the bed corner actually looks polished, all the elements have come together and complement each other. As a finishing touch I want to put up a couple black and white photos on the wall to tie it all together. I'm holding off with the art, though. I want all the furniture to be in place and in the right colours before I start banging holes into walls.

All this black coming from a girl who had previously decided not to carry over her love for black colour to interior decoration. Well, never say never...