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Monday, January 12

New Year

January 12, 2009 Posted by Vaire

The vacation is over, I'm back at work today. I'd grown so used to my Mac, that it took a moment to remember Windows controls and get used to this clunky keyboard.

The Christmas in Tallinn was lovely, we even had a thin layer of show on the ground. Finally! White(ish) Christmas after so many years. It was good to spend time with family and take a look at Tallinn. It has changed so much I hardly recognise it any longer.

I'd asked for money to buy clothes with for Christmas and went shopping in Tallinn. I found two T-shirts that I liked, but my style didn't seem to exist in Tallinn, so I'll go shopping for my Christmas presents here in Stockholm. There is a store called Blue Fox that has exactly the style I'm after, I'm sure I can find something there.

I gave my old laptop to my parents so we can Skype instead of using mobile phones to talk. Neither of my parents have used a PC before and Mum had a little trouble at first, but she's a fast learner and she's doing fine now.

Their internet connection is a bit off, so that the laptop can't connect automatically to the net when it's turned on. I did a little troubleshooting and asked Mum to call a tech from their ISP to come and look at the set up. Then I left her commands to type in to force the laptop to fetch the dynamic IP address. That makes things work until the connection drops and the whole process must be repeated.

The tech came by and switched the modem last week, but didn't test it (WTF?! How can you not test the solution to a problem you're solving?) and that didn't help. So it's either the ISP soft-/hardware that's hinky or the laptop has lost it's ability to get and keep a network connection going. Or the server and laptop just don't like each other. I've seen weirder stuff happen during my days in tech support. In any case, the ISP tech needs to take a look at the problem again.

I mostly played WoW during my vacation, role played some and went to a New Year's party. The party was 80s theme party, I went as a punk and had loads of fun. Everyone had made an effort to dress up and it was interesting to see which aspect of the 80s they chose to represent.

My weight was 68 kilos on the dot last Friday, nothing exiting to report there. I'd gained a kilo over the Christmas week, but fluctuations like these are perfectly normal.

As planned, my main WoW toon is level 80. I've also been able to participate in a couple of raids with her, no heroic dungeons yet. I also made a new toon (a paladin) to learn to tank eventually. I quite like to play a paladin (I'm not squishy any more!) and I like that I can choose to be a tank or a healer or a damage dealer in the end.