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Monday, June 16

Project of the Month - June

June 16, 2008 Posted by Vaire

There haven't been any Project of the Month posts since January simply because I haven't had time, money or energy to do anything. I've been wanting to do something about the windows for a while, but hadn't come up with anything I liked enough.

Until we went shopping with the girls couple weeks ago. I spotted really nice striped white linen-cotton curtains then, but didn't buy them immediately. Partly because I wasn't sure I really, really liked them and partly because I wanted to take a look at my finances.

A week later I was sure I really, really liked them and the finances looked good, so I decided that I'll buy them. Which meant that I've postponed buying a new bed yet again. The thing is that I have a bed, it's small and ugly, but it's not broken. The old curtains were getting ratty and needed to be replaced. Two cats trying to climb the curtains and chewing on cords will do that.

I could put up only one set because I don't have a drill and there were no holes I could reuse at the third window. I'll ask my friends if they could help me out when the vacations are over. Of course I'd like to have the last set up right now because the first ones made such a great difference, but there's no-one else I know who could help and my friends are away.

Enough talk, here are some pics instead. They are darker than it really was in the flat that day. Dunno why.

New curtains.

Here's full view of just the curtains.

New curtains with furniture.

Here's the view with the chair blocking the window. I don't like this setup and I've been trying to come up with a better one. The trouble is that the window in the corner is the only window I can open* to let in fresh air and the chair setup blocks it completely.

I'm not sure if I want to change the position of the bookshelves. Maybe I should? Do I want to have a sofa? I don't use it at all, I spend most of my time in front of the computer surfing, playing or watching DVDs. Should I get some cozy chairs instead? What do I do with the computer table? And so on. The only thing I know is that the current layout isn't working with the way I live and I want to change it.

* The other two should open in principle. I have to apply lots of force to close the one behind the bed. I discovered that it was sort of open the whole winter because I hadn't shoved hard enough to close it. That's why it was so drafty, it had the tightening strips, but wasn't really closed. I had to put my whole body weight behind it and shove very hard to get it fully closed, I'm not going to open it again any time soon. It's closed now and will stay closed until I have to wash the windows. The middle window does not open because the window frame is so swollen it gets stuck. Charming, isn't it?