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Wednesday, June 25

Midsummer and Vacation

June 25, 2008 Posted by Vaire

Last weekend Sweden celebrated Midsummer. They've moved the festivities to the closest weekend of 24th June. I'm more used to the Estonian way of celebrating on the 24th — the Midsummer Eve, but I'm glad that Swedes actually celebrate midsummer, the Irish generally don't.

My employer is very generous with days off so last weekend was a long one. I took the chance and visited my friends up in Sundsvall again. It was lovely, peaceful and fun. We ate, cooked, had picnic, did handwork, played games and had a good time in general. I suspect the weather was actually better up there than it was here in Stockholm.

Tomorrow I'm leaving for the summer vacation. I'll visit London, Edinburgh and Glasgow for two SCA events and some ordinary touristy stuff. I still need to pack and remember to take my camera with me. And then I need to remember to take pictures of the places I visit.

I'll be back in three weeks.