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Wednesday, June 11

I Finished Something!

June 11, 2008 Posted by Vaire

Yay! I managed to finish something! The Monochrome Ribbed Shrug, to be precise. After talking about all the things I want to make and never following up or ditching the projects, I've actually completed something.

The pattern is awsome — even though I substituted both the yarn and the needles, it still fits perfectly. I didn't even get the reccomended gauge, not exactly anyway. It was close enough. I also lengthened the sleeves because I wanted the shrug to complement short-sleeved tops.

I may have made the forearms a bit too tight and the cuffs too short, or maybe not. I sort of improvised on the numbers there. Stylistically, the cuffs should be longer to match the body ribbing. It fits like a dream, though, so I'm not too keen on modifying anything. If the cuffs start to bug me too much I can reknit them.

I added the ribbing increase bits to the sleeve ribbing so that it will form a slightly flared cuff. I can turn them up at work and turn down when I go out. When I turn the cuffs down they just about cover the knuckles. Perfect.

Another bit of perfection is the way the body ribbing forms a collar around the neck. I think that is pure design genius from Stephanie Japel there. Putting the increases where they are is a very clever way of providing flare where it's needed. Not to mention the increases add a visual element.

No photos this time because I was too tired last night to take any. Besides, the light conditions at 2AM are not optimal to take good shots of black clothing. I'll see if I can manage the pics on my own or do I need to ask for help.

All-in-all, I recommend this patten if you need a shrug and would like to knit one. Easy to knit, clear instructions and an awsome result.

Next up: some overdue baby knitting.