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Monday, March 10

C it is

March 10, 2008 Posted by Vaire

Thank you all who gave me feedback! Your comments are deeply appreciated. The majority (3/4 of you) said C and C it will be.

Since Double Wars is a week-long event I need to make quite a few things, but fortunately not everything. I'm thinking of modifying the 13th Century outfit (the blue one in the previous post under B) to be appropriate for 15th Century and I can use one of the 16th Century shirts in a pinch. I have 7 weeks until the event, so I should be able to take it slowly and not crash and burn like at the 12th Night in 2007.

These are the things I must make:

  • 1 new shirt and modify the 13th century one, if possible. Makes total of 3-4 usable ones.
  • 2 new short-sleeved kirtles, maybe I'll fit in one old one (As if! But I'll try anyway). Makes total 2-3 kirtles.
  • 1 overdress, remade from the blue 13th Century dress.

Estimated time – 3-4 weeks if I don't run into fitting problems with the kirtles.

These are nice to have, if there is time before Double Wars:

  • 1 underskirt.
  • 1 apron.
  • 1 veil.
  • 1 pair of hose.
  • 1 pair of sleeves.

Estimated time – 2-3 weeks.

I'll begin with a kirtle because I already have shirts and I can't modify the overdress before I have a kirtle to go under it.