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Friday, March 7

A, B or C?

March 07, 2008 Posted by Vaire

Allright. Here are some pictures.

A and C (sort of)

Spring Crown Tourney 2004

This is how I want to look again. Photos clockwise from left — spring 2004, fall 2001 and spring 2002.


Champions of Love 2006

This is not the peasant look, but the 13th century tunic I mentioned. The peasant clothes are even baggier. Ugh! Photo from February 2006.


Spring Crown Tourney 2007

This is the Landsknecht outfit, photo from April 2007.

I worked on this outfit for a year, but there are too many negative emotions attached to it now for me to be comfortable in it. I'd sell it in a blink of an eye if anyone was interested. This is the second version, you can see the first incarnation here. I'd much rather make three new dresses, than a new bodice for this one.

A, B, C or none? Please tell me which option suits me best. I can't see myself clearly.

Um. That didn't come out right. The thing is that the image I see in the mirror and the image I see in my head don't match. I thought I was grossly overweight in 2002 at 60kg and it went downhill from there (86kg in 2007). Now, at 74kg, nfavm says I'm damn gorgeous (blush) and all I see is the fat rolls. So clearly, I am not qualified to judge my own body here.