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Wednesday, November 28

Playing With Furniture

November 28, 2007 Posted by Vaire

...aaand I rearranged the furniture.

I was playing with Floor Planner that I'd found via Apartment Therapy: Home Tech yesterday. The end result looked so nice that I couldn't resist trying it out so I spent the whole evening emptying the bookshelves and moving things around.

Room floor plan

This is how I want it to look when I'm done. In general terms. The colors and details could (probably will) change, but I'm happy with the placement of the big bits. Tor now. That's subject to change too.

I've decided not to get a TV. Flatscreen or not, it's not pretty to look at. Yes there are solutions to hide it while not in use, but that's a waste of space. Instead, I'll get a projector, Xbox 360 with HDMI output and a good surround sound system to complete the home cinema.

I've dreamed of home cinema for 10 years and it's time to make that dream come true. With a ceiling mounted screen the whole system takes much less visual space while not in use than any TV. In fact, it should be practically unnoticeable.

It'll take months, if not a year to get there, but I will. The electronics that I want to get are not cheap and neither is the furniture. I still need to replace the couch with one that could convert to a bed, get a real bed for myself, some rugs, pillows and plants and...

...and when I'm done I can change the textiles to get a whole new look. The fun of decorating and re-decorating never ends.