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Friday, November 30

Now With Pictures

November 30, 2007 Posted by Vaire

I took some pictures of the rearranged room yesterday. They are in the flat photo album.

This is much much better arrangement than the previous one. Although there is the exact same amount of bare walls as previously, it feels that there's less. Even when you look towards the bed, it doesn't feel as barren as it seems, judging by the photo.

There is a downside to this arrangement, though. The window next to the bed is mighty drafty. I've taped around it as far as I could reach with masking tape and put a roll of wool fabric on the windowssill. That only reduced the draft to almost tolerable levels.

The problem is that the windows are triple glazed and insulated with rubber strips, but it doesn't seem to work. I haven't dared to open that window because last (and first) time I did, one of the handles came off. I've tried to shove it more shut, but that hasn't had any effect either.

What's so weird about the windows is that the ones in the kitchen and bathroom are tight and quiet. The ones in the room are not. Guess where I spend most of the time?

Having cigarette smoke come in from the street is not my idea of fresh air, especially early in the morning while I'm waking up. Do I have to open the windows to do something about the draft or is there some other way I can get through the winter without freezing every night? Have you guys any ideas? I'm stumped.