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Wednesday, November 7

Ikea again

November 07, 2007 Posted by Vaire

While unpacking I came to a realisation that I'd neglected to buy a few pieces of furniture. Mainly because I couldn't find anything I liked that had a reasonable price when I was looking. Well, the price probably was reasonable, but I could not afford it right now and I'd tought that it can wait. I was wrong.

I solved the problem of 'need a nightstand right now' vs. 'get it some time in the future' by going back to Ikea website and seeing if I could build what I needed from parts. Fortunately I'd chosen Bestå bookshelves and the answer was yes. I found all the bits and pieces to build a nightstand, a sideboard and a thing on wheels to keep my sewing needles/notions/small supplies in.

Of course that meant that I needed to go back to Ikea to buy all the pieces and have them delivered today. If I'd ordered everything on the web, they would have been delivered at the beginning of December. That in itself is not a bad thing if I had had the time, but I'd like to present the apartment at least semi-furnished to my family this coming weekend.

The books are unpacked, but some are waiting for shelves. The clothes, bathroom stuff and most of the kitchen is unpacked. The fabric and yarn are waiting for a storage system I also bought yesterday. I hadn't planned that purchase, but one of the built in wardrobes does not have any shelves so I needed to buy some.

After I've unpacked the SCA gear, fabric and yarn I need to take my luggage and camping gear to the attic and I'm done.

Well, I need to clean the place and get some flowers and arrange candles and ... but the big, heavy stuff that requires tools will be done.