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Monday, November 5

And it is done!

November 05, 2007 Posted by Vaire

Thank you all for your support and comments!

We began moving things over at 9 o'clock on Saturday morning. The lorry (which turned out to be a van) was delayed a bit and we decided that we can walk over with ordinary luggage because that can take the rain.

We did that, then the van was there and we began packing it. It took two trips to take everything over and I decided that I have way, way too much stuff, got to get rid of some. While the last load was being carried in I went to fetch the cats. R came to help because carrying both cats at the same time would have been too heavy for me.

My plan to shut them to the bathroom didn't work because the helpers got to the apartment first and Ursus hid under the couch. I shoved Mao into the bathroom with food and fresh water so he wouldn't explore where he shouldn't. Ursus was totally spooked by the goings on and we had a very hard time getting him to the carrier. I lost count after three tries.

At the new apartment he refused to come out of the carrier for an hour and then disappeared under a couch. He came out at night to check on me, I hope he ate and drank a bit too. On Sunday he was under the couch most of the day, but came out eventually and fled back when any noise spooked him.

Mao, on the other hand was a little skittish in the beginning, but settled in very quickly. He took full advantage of new surroundings to examine everything he could climb or jump on.

I said I was not going to do anything on Sunday and I'd planned to go to Syfestivalen, but I was too tired to go out and I wanted to keep an eye on the cats. The pile of paper bags started to bother me after breakfast and I spent the rest of the day organizing the books while listening to Terry Pratchett Discworld audiobooks.

In the evening I unpacked some dishes, took advantage of my new fancy dishwasher and washed a load.

Right now there are full and empty paper bags everywhere, but the pile in the kitchen is significantly reduced. I couldn't find my camera otherwise I'd taken a picture. I'm planning to toss/donate/give away at least a third of the remaining stuff. Fabrics, yarn and other crafting supplies, mostly.