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Monday, October 29

T minus 5 days

October 29, 2007 Posted by Vaire

I'm not saying that I'll never move ever, ever again, although I feel like that at this moment. I might move again 10 years from now. Maybe. Once this move is done it'll be my 7th move in four years and enough is enough!

This week is going to be intense, but it'll be over soon and I'll be finally able to settle down and not worry about my future. I'll be able to be, enjoy life again, take it easy, go out with friends, play in SCA, knit some of the ideas swarming around my head. You know, live again.

The only thing that's holding me together right now is the thought that this whole mess will be over on Saturday. I'm planning to have pancakes for Sunday breakfast, play WoW, knit and not unpack anything the whole day.

That is, if I get the Internet to work this week, if not, I'll listen to audiobooks and knit.

Progress report:

  1. pack the fabrics; — DONE
  2. finish packing the books; — DONE
  3. finish packing the yarn; — DONE
  4. buy the furniture;
  5. pack kitchenware and dishes;
  6. pack the SCA gear;
  7. talk to the electricity company;
  8. do laundry. — DONE

I also need to go to the bank on Wednesday and sign the loan contract and transfer all my banking to them. I'll go straight to Ikea after that, buy the furniture and have it delivered on Thursday.

On Thursday I'll go back to the bank for the ownership to be transferred and to get the keys to the apartment. Go to the apartment, install the wireless router and wait for the furniture. I'll probably take the laptop and electronics with me then, instead of Saturday.

On Friday I have half a day off to assemble the furniture. Fortunately I'll have some friends helping, so it shouldn't take too long.

On Saturday R's brother will come with his lorry and we'll cart all my stuff to the new apartment. The cats will go last to spare them the moving-in part of the process. They will have to be shut in the bathroom while moving out, otherwise Mao will try to explore the wilds, Ursus will flee strangers and there's no telling where they'll end up. I'll let them out as soon as we have loaded the lorry, but it still feels bad to shut them in there. Even if it is to keep them safe. When the lorry is emptied and everything carried in, I'll fetch them. And that's it. Done. Finished. Over.

Of course, things need to be unpacked, but I can do it on my schedule, take my time and organize to my heart's content.