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Thursday, November 1

T minus 2 days

November 01, 2007 Posted by Vaire

Today I'll get the keyes. Woo!

The loan contract was signed yesterday and I bought the furniture. At least some of it. They didn't have the extra shelves for the bookshelf system, or the bedside table, or the table leg that I wanted. So I had to make some on-the-fly descisions.

I will have to wait for the shelves and make do meanwhile. They might be in next week, or maybe the week after next. Perhaps. There's nothing I can do but wait.

I've been eyeing another bedside table from Mio, I'll buy that instead.

I ditched the whole idea of the table that I'd had in mind and bought 4 simple legs and 75x75 cm table top. It'll be big enough for my laptop, keyboard, mouse and a lamp. If/when I'll buy a gaming PC the tower can live under the table.

I also changed my mind about the bed. When I went to scout in Ikea I decided not to get the four-poster because it was quite wobbly. Cats + wobbly posts = not good. I chose another bed (140 cm wide), but I can't afford it right now because I need to buy the frame, slats, the mattress and it all adds adds up. The mattress is the most expensive item and the reason why I must wait.

The bed has given me the most trouble. I weighed the choices (don't buy a bed at all, buy a temporary bed, do something else) and decided to buy the kitchen sofa/daybed instead. I can use it as a bed until I get a real one and then move it to the kitchen. This way I can use up one of my 90x200 cm mattresses as well.

I also bought a minimum set of lamps yesterday. I'll live in the apartment for couple of weeks to see what lamps are necessary and where before finalising the light design.

I'll put up some of the lamps today and see if I can make the wireless Internet work while waiting for the furniture.